Hi, I'm Kiya!

Nikiya is a mother of three, a student midwife, a gardener, a farmer, beekeeper and a Reiki practitioner. As a Mother and a Birthworker, she sees the importance of giving all birthing people a fair chance at the birth they desire.

Sankofa is a traditional African concept that translates to “Go back and get it “, we all need to return to our roots, to reclaim the wisdom of our ancestors, to educate, inform & share knowledge to the birthing people in our diverse communities.

Nikiya is a founder of The Diverse Birth Collective , which is a birth collective focused on providing diverse support to pregnant families and the birth community in RVA.

Nikiya’s work connects the worlds of maternal justice to food justice; by increasing access to healthy foods for expecting mothers through collaborative programs at urban greenspaces throughout the Richmond Region.


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