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I returned home from a fun day at the park, toddler in tow, it was 83 degrees out and we only spent about 45minutes outside, 45 minutes of pure fearless fun. My Superhero toddler is fearless, he’ll take down any slide, conquer any hill, swing as high as mommy can push him and chase any …


Client Testimonial

“My oldest Daughter is 5 years old and unfortunately I did not get to experience having a doula support me through the birth and postpartum. This time around I knew I had to have a Doula in my corner for support as well as knowledge about the birthing process And there after.  Nikiya gave me …

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Client Testimony

I am so glad to have had Nikiya as my birth doula for the birth of my son Tristan! Nikiya is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, and kind; and she was a tremendous help to my husband and I before, during, and after my labor. When we were considering hiring a doula, I knew that I …

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In my Ancestors Eyes

I was raised with cousins like sisters, and aunties that were cousins, I was grown by strong women, women that showed me what motherhood was. Women who leaned on the power of sisterhood and faith. I watched these women take care of themselves while taking care of each other and everyone else. I watched them …

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“Stop Making Black Women And Men A Martyr For Our Own Freedom.We Cannot Enjoy Freedom In Death”

As I sit and read about how women were used as slaves and as medical subjects in the 1800’s. It burns my soul, I read about Betsy, Lucy and Anarcha and other women that were forced to work as slaves after experimental operations, these same women used as nurses in the hospital of the so …

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Tea & Tomatoes

My life has changed drastically, these days I get to wake up, harvest veggies, gather my dried herbs for tea, steep tea while reading books about strong women & badass birthing moms ( in my PJ’s still) , drink that tea from the herbs I dried ( I added moringa & spirulina today), text a …

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Welcome To The Diverse Doula!

  I’m Kiya and I am pleased to meet you! I have always been a Doula of sorts, since 2012 I have supported families during pregnancy, death, illness and all sorts of hard times. I became overwhelmingly compelled to work with women in their childbearing years after my first pregnancy. After talking to other new moms …

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