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“My oldest Daughter is 5 years old and unfortunately I did not get to experience having a doula support me through the birth and postpartum. This time around I knew I had to have a Doula in my corner for support as well as knowledge about the birthing process And there after.  Nikiya gave me all of what I needed and then some. She was there for me at any time of day/night if I had any questions about whatever. She made me feel confident in myself. She helped me trust my body during my pregnancy journey. She taught me how to breath through contractions, how to center my pain, how to be assertive with the hospitals labor and delivery team. Once I told her I was in labor she was at the hospital right away! She even had my labor playlist and aromatherapy at the ready! Her guidance helped me have a very quick labor and delivery! Although it didnt go as we planned to the T, it was still a wonderful, beautiful and surreal experience. I cannot thank Nikiya enough for the wealth of knowledge and the confidence she gave me. Even now that I am postpartum I know that I can still reach out to her for support! My experience with her was everything that I needed! “


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