Congrats You’re Pregnant Now What?

So you’re Pregnant what’s next?

Great news you just took the pregnancy test and its positive! Yay two lines are better that one! Regardless if its planned or not your life is about to change. Check out my short guide on what to do next.

Attempt to figure out your due date.
If you are like anything like me you know when your last cycle was, but who knows when you conceived? Check out Baby Centers Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App. Its a cool and informative way to track your baby as he or she grows. Not to mention the size comparisons to fruit. But don’t get to hung up on due dates your body will know when your baby is finished cooking.

Choose a Midwife or Doctor
Take your time choosing, be picky. You will be seeing a lot of your provider during your pregnancy, maybe even more than you’d like, so be sure its someone thats a good fit for you and your partner. Do your research and see if this provider will be open to your diverse birth plan. Remember, you have rights and you don’t want a provider who isn’t going to allow you to birth your way. Ask questions.

Add some Diversity to your diet
Now is a great time to take a hard look at your diet. Yup I said look, honestly most women have a hard enough time during the first trimester keeping their food down. Morning sickness that turns into all day sickness is more than a nuisance. Its a struggle to fight nausea and maintain your energy. Switch it up find out what works and drink lots of water. Stay hydrated and hang in there. Oh and try to keep that prenatal vitamin down, you’ll need that.

Make the announcement
Tell someone, everyone or maybe no-one.  Get with your partner and choose whether you think its time to spread the word. Some women like to wait until there first trimester is over before they spread the news, others scream from the mountain tops as soon as the test reads positive, but it’s your baby, your body you get to choose when you spill the beans.

Pick up a few books
Pick up a book or two and start reading, no shade to the “What to expect when your expecting”  book but add a little flavor to your library. A favorite of mine is the Birth Partner by Penny Simkin. Fill up momma, its important to be able to make educated informed decisions about your birth and your baby’s health.

Choose a Doula
Yeah yeah, I know this seems a little bias, but Doulas can help you throughout your entire pregnancy, birth and beyond!! Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas are amazing, both are a wealth of knowledge, experience and support all wrapped up in a human sized package. Doulas support mom and anyone else who is birthing with her. Postpartum Doulas can help you get adjusted at home with the new baby, cook you a nice meal and even support you with breastfeeding. You honestly don’t want to wait until the last minute to hire a Doula , its essential to get to know who will be on your support team before your baby is making his entrance into the world.

Good luck and congrats again mama, you are about to do something more than amazing!


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